Anyone know what shoes she's wearing???

  1. First I'll start by saying hi! This is my first post, and yes I am a shoe addict, mainly for Louboutin (if I could ever get the sizing right!:rolleyes:)

    Anyway I stumbled on this picture of Bai Ling wearing some gorgeous patent pumps that I thought might be Louboutin's (I spy what looks like a red sole?) but I can't actually match them up to any of his so maybe they are another designer? If anyone knows pleeeeeeease fill me in I would love to get them!!

  2. Bai Ling? That sounds familiar. Are they a drag queen? I don't think they're Louboutins.
  3. Bless you for not knowing who Bai Ling is. She's somewhat inexplicable. Check out Go Fug Yourself for more info. She's one of their favorites.

    They don't quite look like Louboutins, but Louboutin does make something similar. Search for red Rolandos.
  4. Thanks, I'm actually in the process of getting the red rolandos right now! :drool:

    I love her shoes though, someone on the comment board of his site said they might be YSL??? But I can't find them when I search.