Anyone know what shipping service Chloe NYC uses?


Feb 4, 2006
I was just wondering if you knew what shipping service Chloe NYC uses...UPS...FedEx...because my bag is supposed to arrive tomorrow and FedEx comes early in the morning but UPS comes late afternoon to early evening. Need to plan my day! LOL.:nuts:
Yes, it was definitely FedEx...I now recall missing the delivery (not present for signature) and I went to FedEx later that evening to pick the bag up...
tell me about it, they came at 8am when I was still asleep and they didn't bother to knock much (my dogs go apesh*t when someones at the door, cant sleep thru that). I called fedex and uh...demanded they come back. Something about not knocking...I was 'home' the entire time, no I don't see a card..yada yada yada heh..
Well, no bag has arrived yet today. Still waiting.

Dee-Dee, I got the blanc pocket bag (medium size) from them, and they said it should arrive today but did not tell me which shipping service it was going through or a tracking number, so I am just going on their word that it will come sometime today. I wish I knew for sure so I did not have to sit around the house, but I hate to call them again! Yes, I do know that they don't do refunds, but they were the only ones who had the blanc color.