Anyone know what season Stud Devote in Chocolate is from?

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  1. Anyone have one? Any thoughts? Debating between chocolate or almond?
  2. Not sure exactly what month the Devote came out, but it's sometime Spring '09. I have the Chocolate Nikki which came out in Feb. 09 and the leather is just luscious, pebbly and smooshy.
  3. Thanks Nazaluke! I'm new to RM. This will be my first purchase. I'm a big Treesje girl normally and just discovered RM! I dont know where I've been.
  4. Well, you're going to love RM. I think the leathers are incredible! Welcome!
  5. I'm not entirely sure that there was a chocolate studded devote, but I might be wrong. are you referring to the ebay listing for one? that looked like glazed brown to me. hopefully someone else could confirm for you. welcome to RM! :biggrin:
  6. I didnt think there was a chocolate Stud devote, I thought it was glazed espresso? Or something like that.
  7. I believe there was a Glazed Brown studded devote but not a Chocolate Studded devote =)

    Hope that helps!
  8. Yes, I'm referring to the one listed on Ebay... hmm... any thoughts about that bag in particular? Thanks for all your help girls!
  9. There's a plain Chocolate and Chocolate Woven Devote, but not studded. It's Glazed Brown, which only came out recently. It's part of the Fall lineup, separate from the Black, Almond, Grape, Cream ones.
  10. Oh thanks Mockinglee! You have a studded Devote? Do you love it?
  11. I :heart: it! I wish I had the funds to get it in every color. If you're debating between Glazed Brown or Almond, they are both lovely. Depends if you want dark vs. lighter brown, though Almond has a tinge of orange to it, too.
  12. oo Thanks for the advice! I'm am debating between those two.