anyone know what prints will be at the outlets?

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  1. I was wondering if Tutti/Famiglia/Transporto will ever be at the outlets. Anyone have any idea?
  2. tutti + trasporto yes, but not famiglia because it was a dept store exclusive.. if i have it correctly.

    i wish the outlets got l'amore.. that is one of my favorites. :sad:
  3. i wonder when they'll be getting them.

    oh god, l'amore is so rad. there's still a lot of l'amore i want.

    i couldn't decide whether to get pirata or transporto. i don't have anything in pirata cause the girls on it kinda freak me out, but i love all the little characters. i guess i'll go with pirata now that i know the outlets will be getting transporto.


    p.s. barrys pizza in houston is awesome.
  4. i knowww ^^ there are two styles i am particularly after these days, and two more that i wouldn't mind snagging if it's at a decent price.

    lol yea, i think there are two types of toki lovers, those that love the girls and those that could do without them. i personally don't mind them... it's just a weird contrast sometimes though like on spiaggia.

    pirata is a great print. i prefer it to trasporto.. it just seems more colorful.

    omgg i haven't eaten there in so long! a friend of mine used to be a server there, but never when i went there. :p
  5. yeah, i didn't even bother with spiaggia cause the boob probability is too high. i don't care for bags with boobs. hehe.

    i went there a couple years ago when my friend moved over there.

    pirata, i've avoided it this long because i don't like brown, but it's so bright. the parrots! i figure i should get some pirata.
  6. Does anyone know when Spiaggia's going to be sold at the outlets?
  7. should be soon! it was supposed to be there already.. i think that's why they're trying to clear out everything else

    i actually don't mind the boobs on spiaggia.. there's only one pair anyway ;) if you get it in a small style, your probability is very low..

    imo there really isn't that much brown on pirata aside from the lesportsac trim.. the print itself is like half yellow half blue :p
  8. If famiglia isn't going to the outlets, I wonder how all the dept stores are going to get rid of it considering there is so much famiglia stock at the dept stores. I guess people would be more willing to buy it if it were on sale, but for me, famiglia just doesn't do it for me so I don't know if I'd buy it even if it were on sale.
  9. clearance, probably? or sending it to loehmann's/winner's/tj maxx.
  10. I am waiting for Famiglia to go on supersale so I can get a BV for my mum... and that's about it.