Anyone know what PM, GM and MM stand for?

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  1. If anything. Just wondering...thx...
  2. M is modèle, P is petit, G is grand and M moyen. In English small, big and medium models which refer to the size a bag.
  3. Yes. PM = Petit modele, MM = Moyen modele, GM = Grande modele. In english: small. medium and large :smile: (it sounds so nice in french, non?)
  4. Great question and great answer, thanks!
  5. Hey, I have found a really old topic - but as my question is related...
    What does the NM (e. g.pochette accessoire?) stand for? :smile: Hope someone can help! :heart:

  6. I think it is "new model" ... maybe someone else can confirm this.
  7. yes it is 'new model'
  8. Yes it is new model, or in French it is neaveau modele I believe.
  9. Aww thanks guys! I have always wondered! You're great!