anyone know what model this is?

  1. hello chanel experts.
    could someone please tell me the name of this model? never seen it before. beautiful colour though.
  2. I don't know what the model is called, but it certainly is amazing. Maybe you find something on the chanel homepage.
  3. Not sure! Very spring- like.
  4. I saw someone carrying that very bag around at Neiman's last sure is an eye-popper! I THINK it's the new Accordeon that just came out this Spring. It looked very soft and roomy....but I didn't see any on the shelves in the Chanel Boutique in Neimans....
  5. thanks everyone :smile:

    i'm really drawn to the colour.... but i also have my eyes on the luxury line bags :shame:

    oh, decisions!
  6. i saw this bag about two years ago. not in this lime green though but in an emerald color. its gorgeous! It retailed about $1600+
  7. I love the color! Would look great with tan or black!
  8. oh wow, thanks!
  9. no problem, i love personalshoppers......she's extremely pleasant to deal with....i remember one time there was a chanel i wanted that nobody bid on and i missed the auction, so i e-mailed her afterwards and she offered it to me at like a $100 discount which was great she always has great selection........oh and if nobody bids it seems like she lowers the starting price a little until the close of the auction so keep an eye on it :biggrin:
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