Anyone know what line this is from?

  1. Hello! This is my first post here and I would love all of your help! I recently got back from a trip to London, and purchased my first Chanel bag. I'm trying to figure out what line it's from. It's a super soft black every day bag. It's got a quilted strap, and quilted detailing across the top. Also has simple silver X's with "CHANEL" written on them, and simple silver studs with the double C's. I'd love to purchase something else from the line, but I'm not sure what to ask for. I am so happy that I found this forum! Thanks a million!
    102_2660.jpg 102_2661.jpg 102_2662.jpg
  2. I'm not sure, but from the hardware could it be part of the 8 Knot collection? It's gorgeous! Enjoy it and welcome to Chanel.
  3. Yes, that's definately the 8 knot collection.