Anyone know what Legacy Stripe

  1. small purses Coach may have put out that are not available now? I see you can still get the pouch, was there anything else besides that and the tote? Thanks. Pics welcome too!
    The wristlet 40231.
    The mini coin purse 92038.
    The coin purse/wristlet 40239.
    The wallet. 40240.
    The agenda. (Don't know #)

    The beauty case and pouch will be available middle of March!:yahoo:
  3. There was also a Zoe clutch in the stripe as well. (Not sure of the #)
  4. Anyone have a pic of this?
  5. Thanks guys. I think I want the pouch actually. It's cute!
  6. How big is the Zoe? How much can you fit in it?
  7. There's a stripe Madison too. There was one at my local boutique when I went in to get the new catalog last week.
  8. What is the Madison?
  9. It's a little bit bigger than the zoe, and has a shoulder strap. But it has the same design. A flap with a turnlock closure.
  10. Looks like this:
  11. Cute! Thanks for the pic.
  12. want the madison one so bad. I'm stalking for it on eBay cause my outlets only had that in gold.
  13. I just ordered the wristlet on this morning-maybe a new shipment. I am sending back my Hamptons coin purse in red. It just isn't for me.