anyone know what items will be coming out in PINK?

  1. or anything that has recently came out so i can still buy it????
  2. Cathleen, what are you looking for? classic items or stuff from the new lines?
  3. I am keeping an eye on this post! I love pink!:heart:
  4. Yessssssssssssss pink. I need pink.
  5. I think pink was mentioned in flap colors for 08.
  6. Classic flaps, though I'm not sure of what size. I'm heading to Neiman's tomorrow and will see if I can find out ;)
  7. Thanks! Please keep us updated. :okay:
  8. i'm looking for Classics and new stuff, anything pink will make me VERY HAPPY;... OMG pink flapp!!!!!!! keep us updated pleaesee :smile: TIA