Anyone know what is more rare?


which one is the most rare?

  1. Dalmatian sac rabat

  2. Onionhead box

  3. Satin Abelia

  4. Cerises Neo Deauville

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  1. What is the rarest of these...? Dalmatian sac rabat, Onionhead Jewelry box, Satin Abelia or The Lizard trimmed Cerises deauville? Thanks!:love:
  2. Jewelery box i suppose.....
    I have no idea what the Satin Abelia is.
    and Didn't know a Dueville in the cerise existed
  3. haha- I don't know anything is besides the dalmatian!
  4. wasnt the cerises only made in the speedy/bucket/keepall sac plat and a few small accessories?
    Aside from the aligator trimmed bags.

  5. if you post up pics I think people would have a better idea
  6. Yup! So I guess that definitely makes the Cerises Deauville the rarest of them all:P
  7. I haven't figured out how to do that, I will try tomorrow.:yes:
  8. Is this the deauville you are talking about ?
  9. ^^^^ isn't that fake? :blink:
  10. No, it's cute :lol:
    let-trade is the seller, so I think it's ok.
  11. The Satin Abelia looks like this (on ebay for $2899):

    But I'd have to say the Onion head box out of the three, simply because the cerises things are still a bit too new to notice a real effect in a piece's rarity.
  12. Yup that's real..and Let-trade is a trustworthy seller :smile:
  13. oh that satin is so cute!
  14. Is that WOOD on the Satin Abelia?
    I never saw this bag before :blink:
  15. Nope, its the real deal!