Anyone know what Chartruese looks like? I've searched and really can't find it!

  1. Thanks!
  2. As it so happens I am carrying my chartuese mp today (sorry can't attached pic at work) and I'd say it's mustard yellow - sounds horrid but it's a really nice color and goes really well with the gold h/w.
  3. I am such a nerd. Yes, I admit it. LOL...

    I really like this color...
    here are some pics I have of chartruese:
    31794424_o.jpg 31794426_o.jpg 31794438_o.jpg
  4. ^^^Now that actually is a great color! - I saw Barney's had a ZC in chartruese and was wondering myself.

    Thanks for posting Thithi~!
  5. I think the ZC would look lovely in chartreuse. It would be a nice pop of color for any bag.
  6. Exactly why I was wondering......I have it coming in Topaz but I'm 2nd guessing myself now and wondering if I should get the chartruese instead.