anyone know what brand mk's bag is?

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  1. Hmm, i could be imagining things but on the first link i can almost see "YSL" imprinted on the zipper so my guess would be Yves Saint Laurent, though i don't recognize the style.. but MK is known for wearing older bags, so it could be vintage or just from a couple years ago.
  2. looks like ysl to me, too...hopefully, she's carrying a snack in it...
  3. ^ Lmao!
  4. i'm about the same size but i'm much taller than her(5'9"), and i eat all the time - like a horse, and don't gain a pound. it's very ignorant to make statements like that and no offense to anyone it's usually a jealous fat girl making the accusations. :rant:
  5. I think songofthesea was just making a joke- I dont think she meant any offense to skinny people!
  6. its def not ysl, heres another shot - anyone know?