Anyone know what bag this is?

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  1. I went on to check out some items and saw this pic. I've tried to figure out what bag it is but I have no clue! LOL! I thought some of the experts here could help me out! Thanks!!

    Sorry the pic isn't real big... to see it better you can also go to

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  2. That is the Legacy Ali Flap bag in croco or aligator...I forget which. Very expensive -- about $10,000 if I remember correctly:yes: and a limited edition!
  3. (((HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER)))) OK, whew! Thanks! Guess that's on a lot of gals' dream list! I will just keep dreaming!! :roflmfao: ...back to reality....
  4. it's the ali alligator shoulder flap...for $10,000...

    somebody get it! i mean, seriously, 10k is just pocket change!
  5. Well, I do have a question though.... since alligator is out of the question for me... is this the same ali bag that is also available in signature and leather? Is the shape the same? If it is, the black on black signature would be fine with me! Considering the price difference, it'd actually be more than just fine! LOL!
  6. I do believe that is the exact same bag, just a different leather...a more expensive leather:yes:
  7. Thank-you! I don't mean to be such a newbie but our Macy's is over an hour away (the only place I can buy Coach) and their stock is limited. There's but of course pics aren't always as telling as one might like them to be! Seeing it carried by an actual person really can make a big difference and I really like the shape of that bag!

  8. I completely understand. Most of the stores I shop in are at least 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours drive. Sometimes I find myself looking at the auctions on ebay for the Coach bags I'm interested as some of the better sellers will usually take tons of pictures of the bag from different angles so I can get a better sense of that bag overall. Try searching for the bag you are interested in and look at the pictures that the seller has taken. It just might be the way for you to go. It usually helps me make a more informed decision. Sometimes, though not many times, I will see the bag in question on ebay and judging from all the different pictures and angles decide that I don't like it and can easily get it out of my mind. Then, I don't have to lay in bed at night trying to talk myself out of something or deciding if I must have it.
  9. Thanks, HOH! Good idea to check out pics on ebay! There have been bags that I've seen in a picture that I thought I'd like but then seeing it actually worn has caused me to change my mind. And yes, it does help with the obsessive thoughts! LOL!
  10. You're welcome. You'd think that if ebay sellers can take pictures at so many angles with that much detail, so that buyers can get a good perspective on a bag, that Coach could at the very least do the same on their website.

    Oh least we have our sneaky ways around that pesky problem:yes: .