Anyone know what bag this is?

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  1. Someone posted this in the celebrity section. I think MC is actually holding the bag in the first picture. In the second picture someone else is holding it. I was thinking maybe it was an assistant or something? That is really sad if the bag belongs to MC and is a fake!
  2. Yup that is where I saw the pic in the Celebrity section. Someone had said the name of the bag was there. And i couldn't find the name in there. Oh well.. good to know :smile:
  3. Mariah looks very pretty on there. I still cannot tell even what type of bag it is let alone if it is real or fake. I'm not experienced enough, maybe someday!

  4. I dont know.. its ok... i'll try at home later... :smile:
  5. hmmmm......I have no idea.
  6. I think that the other person is holding it the whole time if you look closely. :shrugs: I am also willing to bet money it's fake.
  7. I can see the pic fields posted too. I'm also 99.9% positive that's a fake - look at the quality of the material, the patch on the front, and the overall alignment of the C's. Something looks off.
  8. It looks like a fake version of the reversable sig stripe totes. You would think MC could afford a real coach....
  9. lolll can't tell if mariah is holding the bag or not!!