Anyone know what bag this is?

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  1. does anyone know what bag this is?:heart: price? any information would be helpful.

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  2. The bag in the picture is being held by a woman behind mariah. It may be a fake.

  3. hmm maybe that is why nobody has said what bag it was. thanks
  4. FAKE! how sad lol
  5. I couldn't even tell there was someone behind her:confused1:
  6. neither could I! :shrugs:
  7. There is another picture where mariah is with a woman who is holding it. in this pic it is indeed mariah with a fake bag. Who'd have thought it!
  8. maybe this is one of those times where celebrity's have access to bags we dont????.... so maybe it isnt fake! i'd hate to think that its fake!!!
  9. It is a lady BEHIND Mariah.. here is the other pic :tup:

  10. I knew it looked fake! Sad!!!

  11. That pic didnt load for me... can you repost it...? sorry.. :confused1:
  12. hhmm.. I can see it just fine. :shrugs:
  13. hmm.. i tried logging out and back in again.. and refreshed... but i still dont see it.. thats ok though...
  14. That is really weird... even when you quoted my post, the pic shows up there too. :confused1:
  15. I can see the pic too. Maybe it's the browser you're on, droo.