Anyone know what are colour code 2024, 2040 and 1000?

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  1. hi all...i am a bv newbie...wanna get a medium cabat as my fist bv...
    i just call hk bv boutique...and ask what colour they have for medium cabat...the sa told me there were ?metallic blk?, ?metallic brown? and ???(forgot the last one)...i am very i ask if they have english name...but the sa said no english name for the colour...only colour code...they are 2024, 2040 and 1000...:confused1::confused1::confused1:

    anyone know what the exact colour names for them??? and anyone have photos for them?
  2. 2040 : Ebano
    1000 : Nero

    Not familiar with 2024.. Noce? Not sure.
  3. thanks juzluvpink....
    yes...i found 2040 and 1000 from too...
    and i called the sa asked about 2024...
    the sa told me its from 08 f/w...kinda washed metallic black with gold undertone..
    anyone know???
  4. 2024 is Ossidato. :yes:


  5. thanks
  6. ossidato cabat is lOVELY!

    whoo hoo cannot wait to see a new cabat!

  7. i know doloresmia....
    i love the colour soooooooooo much...

    but sadly...i am getting the nappa blk one instead...
    coz the ossidato cabat is over my budget...
    medium ossidato cabat is hkd48000, and nappa blk medium cabat is hkd35300 (about usd 1600 more)

    i hope i am making a right choice...blk nappa medium cabat is so classic...right???
    i think i will be happy as long as i can get a medium cabat:P
  8. i just got the nero medium and love it.
    i haven't used it yet because the weather has been bad but can't wait.
    i always use my bv bags in all weather but this one is too new.
    the cabat in nero is classic, easy to care for and easy to use.
    also very light- much lighter than my others.
    however this is just my opinion- you should love the one you are getting and not feel sad. perhaps you should wait until you can own the cabat of your dreams.

  9. thanks for ur reply...congrats on ur new cabat!!!

    the other reason i will go for nero medium cabat rather then the barcelona calf LE medium calf is the weight...
    i am sure nappa is lighter than calfskin...

    so i am ready for a nappa nero cabat...just waiting for my next trip to hk in a week...:yahoo:
  10. have fun next week and post pictures when you get back.
    you'll love it.