Anyone know this wallet?

  1. Hi tpfers:

    I came across this wallet. Seller calls it a Vernis Broome. I would like to know the retail price and the size of it. Here is the link: item # x22. Also does it look discolored to you? Or is it just the flash?

    Thanks a lot!! :p
  2. It's just the flash and since it's the bronze color you won't have any problems with color transfer. Since it's been discontinued I don't remember the price think it was around $350 size is comparable to the zippy compact except it's more rectangle in shape.
  3. Ooh that's a beautiful wallet and a good price too- go for it!
  4. I have a baby blue Broome wallet. The bronze one in LT's auction looks good, I don't see any color transfers. I'm at work right now, so I'll try to take some measurements of the wallet later tonight when I'm home.

    Not sure if this picture will help because the angle is all weird, but it might give you an idea of the size:

  5. Thank you all for the reply, I think it's too small for me looking at Elle's pic. so i am going to skip it.

    Again thank you all! ;)
  6. I don't know...
    On the right side, the yellowish tint does look like
    It appears on another pic too.


    In this pic...doesn't look yellow, kinda looks like finger prints but...doesn't look like it'll come off?

  7. FYI there IS in fact colour transfer on that wallet...

    "Thansk for asking. Yes, pic#8 shown a colour transfer and we believe it is not removable. Sorry."

    I was gonna buy this, but I guess I'm saving my $200 :sad:
  8. what IS color transfer exactly?
  9. Dyes, ink, whatever...migrating to the vernis.
    Like the yellow patches on the right side of the bronze wallet, it shoes up as a discoloration and is not removable.
  10. how odd. lv knows about this and does not dfix it? like, putting a coating over the vernis?
    and what will transfer, or how does it transefer? is it supposed to live in a bubble?
  11. It's not that they don't fix it...for ANY patent leather, this is bound to happen, no matter how expensive it is. It's just the nature of the material. I have a patent leather white wallet that has colour transfers.

    As I mentioned, ink from magazines and newspapers, dark dyes, colour of other leathers, printed stuff...especially when they're wet, all have a possibility of migrated to Vernis.

    If you do a search in the'll find tons of information on this. People ask about colour transfer all the time. :flowers: