Anyone know this Parfume?

  1. It's called " Sean John- Unforgivable" by P. Diddy

    Is it smell nice? My friend uses it and I think it smells very nice and I bought it yesterday. The smells is very strength and after half an hour , it smells very very nice.

    Has anyone ever try it?
  2. So....I assume that this perfume is not famous enough :p
  3. I've heard of it. But anything from P. Diddy doesn't get much attention from me, sorry. It probably smells good, who knows. I just can't support that guy because he's so talentless and arrogant at the same time.
  4. I have heard of this. It is a cologne for men, but it does smell nice on women. I don't really like P. Diddy so I don't buy his cologne. I hope you enjoy your bottle though.
  5. I don't like celeb perfumes. But if it smells good on you, go for it.
  6. Me neither, but I'm glad you like yours! :tup:
  7. I have never bought a celeb perfume, and havent smelled this one. I thought it was for men? Sorry cant really help you out!
  8. I've seen the advert for it but haven't smelt it. I think that perfume is very personal so the only thing that matters is whether you like it! Enjoy. :smile:
  9. I have never used it but would like it.

  10. I don't like him too but I like the smell a lot ;). First time I asked my friend I didn't know it is his parfume until I check out on the net.
  11. I tend not to buy celeb perfumes either but I did get to sample the P Diddy unforgivable and I was pleasantly surprised by it because it actually smelled good to me! And so did Antonio Banderas' perfume for women! lol But I haven't bought any of them yet!

  12. :yes::yes::yes:

    Its smell make me want one. I have a lot of perfume but there are only some of them that I like the smells at first time. They are Stella Mccartney, Giorgio Aquadi and then Unforgavible!!
  13. :rolleyes:

    I don't wear celebrity perfumes either.

    Enjoy your Sean John
  14. It smells great on men! Never tried it on myself before though. I find fresher scent can be unisex. That's why I really like Alfred Dunhill FRESH. It's a men's cologne but I like the way it smells on me also.