Anyone know this Gucci bag?

  1. Help plz~~ I want to buy this Gucci tote from eBay, does anyone seen or have this bag? How much is the retail price....? Thanks a million!!!!!:okay::heart::tup:
  2. it looks like something from gucci's luggage collection. you might want to check
  3. the closest i've found is this one:


    the retail price is 690 euro, ca. 940$.
    it doesn't have a specific name, just tote handbag.

    ps. make sure it's authentic, this style is faked quite a lot. ;)
  4. you may want to post it in the authenticate0this-gucci thread so the experts can help you. good luck!
  5. Thanks~ I am going to check right now~
  6. Thanks a lot...!!! such useful information...!!!!:tup::tup::tup: Those eBay sellers call it shopper tote....I guess this one is medium size, and the one I posted is large size....haha:rolleyes:
  7. Good idea~ Thank you~~~~~`:okay::okay::okay: