Anyone know this beyonce bag?

  1. This picutre was taken sometime last year.But i just think the bag is so fun and different . Does anyone know who makes these purses?

  2. Bracher Emden Breast Bag.
  3. That is so beautiful!!!
  4. yayy!! :yahoo: Thank you so much..I was searching for the name of this bag forever
  5. She looks great here.
    And just yesterday I was looking at this Eva Longoria's picture and I was thinking what a beautiful bag :smile:
    eva longoria.JPG
  6. go to their site and click on celeb and it show more pics
  7. hmmm..... Not attracted to that one for some reason.
  8. Oh, not for me as I'm more of a basics kinda gal.
  9. Very pretty bags. Where are those bags sold?
  10. Since most of them are made to order you have to go to their website nd get them....but they have a few that are already designed for you to buy
  11. Interesting looking bags! A bit too busy for me, but Eva's is cute.

  12. BEYONCE ALWAYS LOOOKS AMAZING.... I love the bag:woohoo:
  13. I don't feel this bag. I am glad my cc won't get hurt this time.
  14. I think this bag looks hideous. It looks like some grandma put it together using her old quilts. Sorry to all those who like it. Take care.
  15. hi again...another thought. For those of you who like the bag....would you still like it if beyonce was not carrying it? What if some no name was carrying it? Just a thought.