Anyone know this bags name?

  1. I am looking to find the name of a Gucci bag.
    It's a shoulder bag, it has a green/red stripe going up the middle and then on either side two thin brown strips of leather meeting a set of metal Gucci G's to connect the strips It's beige with the brown G's all over it. The handle is unique too, on the band has little identations on it too...little cirlces sorta. Any help on what this bag is called would be great! I posted in "name that gucci' already but no luck!
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  3. i'm confused by the "little circles" on the strap, but is this the style you're trying to describe


    i found this on eBay and have no idea if it's real, nor do i know what it's called.
  4. ^^^^If that's the bag, post it in authenticate this thread and see if anyone can help you there.
  5. that's the bag yes! thanks for the help.. I will try posting the pic on the authenticate thread...
  6. I just posted the question w/ pics on the authentic gucci thread.. but here are two pics just incase someone knows who reads this one..


    bag 2.JPG
  7. You should actually post it in NAME THAT GUCCI