Anyone know this bag?

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  1. wow -- that was at the Rack? That's an unusual find. I wonder if it was recently returned to a Nordstroms store or something??

    That's the Christy Hobo from the 2007 Resort season. The official color name is "Grey" (altho it has purple undertones and a lot of people mistake it for lavender) The original retail was $995 (

    FYI -- we have a thread dedicated to naming MJ bags.
    If you ever need to ask something like this again, you'll get quicker answers posting here:
  2. Thank you so much! Wow, you guys are total experts. I kind of figured it was older because no Internet searches helped. I bought it. I like the color (have nothing like it) and the price was right ($350!!). I also like that I can wear it multi-seasonally :smile:
    Thanks for the tip on the Name thread, too. I did look through the grey bag thread and through a lot of the pictures but didn't come across this one bag.
    Very helpful, thanks again!
  3. Welcome to our MJ thread! -- wow. You really, really scored with that suede-lined Christy. MJ still does the Christy style, but not the suede-lined for awhile. :biggrin:

    I have the same bag in Bordeaux.