anyone know this bag britney is carrying (and yes i know she looks insane haha )

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  1. ok so i dont want to start another thread where it winds up being all about just bashing britney

    i know shes been crazy, and by this photo we all know she has no IDEA what she is doing BUT :smile: i still want to know what her bag is :smile:

    SOOO if you know can you tell me and i totally understand minimal laughter at how bad she looks in these pics but lets not start a whole thing about how much everyone hates her and lalalal :smile: thanks!!! xo

  2. OMG it is rather hard to just focus on the bag!
  3. i donot know...
  4. I think it's gotta be a Kooba Tatum but maybe they made a tiny Tatum with another name because this one looks so small. Here's the Tatum.

  5. Good grief! I thought she was supposed to be on the road to recovery! :wtf:
  6. Slush it's funny you ask about that bag....every pic I see in the last couple weeks she is carrying that bag. I kind of thought it looked like a Kooba too..
  7. Hey, laugh all you want about Britney. If I had that body I might be rockin' that outfit myself.

  8. ^^^i'd have to agree minus the boots & hat!
  9. :wtf:

    Erm, nice bag.
  10. Oy, even Britney doesn't have the body to pull off that outfit! Too many lumps, bulges and odd lines...

    But the bag definitely looks Kooba.
  11. I swear, sometimes I think people don't know how to read.

    The bag is cute, so tiny though! Sorry, no help..
  12. I agree, looks just like the Tatum. Geez, it's so hard to even notice that small bag with her looking like a train wreck. She needs a fashion intervention, STAT!
  13. LOL

    I enjoy reading all these comments...

    Sorry Slush - I don't know what bag it is!
  14. I think she's carrying a lot more baggage than the one in her hand.

    That said, I can't get past the brown boots with the black...whatever that is.