Anyone know this ALMA??

  1. Hi, I think it'll be the short post only :smile: I found this Alma on my mom's closet & actually I'm not familiar with the material. I think it's vachetta (?) and I saw leather patch above the inside pocket said something like " Louis Vuitton Japan 20th Anniversary ... etc "

    May someone could help and tell me what kind of LV is it & how much I should sell it if I'm looking to put it on eBay?

    Thanks a lot :smile:
    DSCN1867.JPG DSCN1875.JPG
  2. Can you please post closer, clearer pics of the tradmark heat stamp, handles, and LV heat stamp on the outside of the bag?
  3. i have no idea, sorry, but if that whole bag is vachetta....:shocked: wow.
  4. is that SO piece?
    OR Jap Annv. bag?
  5. Hi, thanks for the responses :smile: No, I don't think it's special order as my mom doesn't like to wait for along time to get a bag...

    I'm out of city now but as I remember the leather patch said "... Japan Aniversarry 1996 ( or may 1998? )"
  6. maybe its a limited ed ?
  7. What type of lining does it have?
  8. I agree with John, we need to see clear and detail pics

    The handles seem longer than regular alma..
  9. Hum looks like alcantara suede inside but it is hard to tell due to the photo. Perhaps you can post photos of the sides and closer look at the stamp?
  10. The linning looks like alcantra but I ever compared with my another alma, the linning isn't same. I'm loading the pics to John 5 and you all, I hope you'd help me
  11. Hello :smile: I'm out of city ( I found this alma yesterday before I go ) but these are the pics I've took ( I' not open the plastic wrapping the handles yet, I think my mom wrapped it after she carried it a few years ago )

    Please wait, I'll post linning pics
    DSCN1868.JPG DSCN1869.JPG Alma ( back ).JPG
  12. don't forget close up LV stamp..

    this one from old eBay auction for vachetta ellipse:

  13. Hmmm... the handles look a little plastic-y to me.. [Yes, I know there is plastic covering on them, but they still look plastic-y.]

    I know this wasn't an authenticity question, but I'm doubting the authenticity of this bag... pics of the trademark heat stamp and LV heat stamp on the outside of the bag would REALLY help...
  14. This is the linning ( the linning is quite dirt )
    DSCN1873.JPG DSCN1874.JPG DSCN1876.JPG
  15. To be honest, it doesn't look real, the glaze seem off..the stamp doesn't look right, one thing I notice is the handles are way too long. Anybody??