Anyone know the vintage of my vintage bag?

  1. Hi Gucci Girls,
    I've stolen away from my usual MJ forum because a) I love Gucci too! and b) I need your expertise on a vintage Gucci garment bag I bought several years ago. If any of you can give me a better idea of its vintage and/or what its resale value might be, I would appreciate it. Pics attached. Thanks!
    :smile: SF
    IMG_4395_2.jpg IMG_4401.jpg IMG_4399.jpg
  2. anyone?:sad:
  3. Did you buy it in the 80's? I don't know much about the exact value but those garment bags are hard to find and I have only seen a few on ebay. Is the tear in in fixable? I love vintage Gucci pieces. Good luck if you decide to sell.

  4. Hi! Looks like it's from the 80's--really lovely bag! Probably worth between $50-$250 if you can repair the handle. Looks like a perfect carry-on piece! :smile: