Anyone know the UK retail price of a Balenciaga City?

  1. eep, I hope thats the right one I want lol, I was looking for a bag in yellow, and im going to london for my bday in april so was looking for the retail price :smile:
  2. Bal City with regular hardware is about 750.00 GBP.

    You won't find one in yellow just now, they have not made yellow in quite some time:sad:

    However there is yellow coming out for f/w 07 if you can wait!

    Good luck:smile:
  3. oooo you're in edinburgh tooo!!!!! Is there anywhere here that sells balenciaga?
  4. Harvey Nichols does!
  5. Katie

    Harvey Nicks sells them. Siri and I have done a recky of whats there at the mo- quite a few nices ones in there. No yellow though
  6. Aw Siri

    Off Topic but you have changed your Avatar.... Missing wee Eric on there!

    Loving your classic as well though!