Anyone know the stock at Barney's Beverly Hills?

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  1. It'd be so nice if someone has been by there recently and could say what the status of their pre-fall bags might be. Last time I was there, they were very low on B-Bags.

    Do they have Ivory? Ocean? Tomato? Tabac? Anyone know?

  2. I saw a Tomato City there I believe with SGH. They have a ton of blacks too.
  3. Yeah, tons of black and they did have one Ocean PT and a Tomato something but I can't recall, I think it was SGH PT too. A few browns, which were probably Tobac.
  4. They always have a ton of black. I wish they'd get more variety. :hrmm:

    It's worth the trip, though, to see Ocean and Tomato.
  5. the last time i was there, they had ocean, tomato, tabac, steel, black, and olive green...
    mostly GSH and GGH bags...

    i didn't see any ivory though...