anyone know the price on this caviar tote?

bella1 said:
$1095 before tax when I got mine few weeks back

do you happen to have the numbers on the tag? maybe if u can take a pic of the tag for me?LOL
I just dont want to end up ordering a wrong bag from customer service and/or buying that ebay bag and figuring out i paid over retail, since that seller sells almost everything over retail.
IntlSet said:
I have that bag and I think this one is a fake. The pebbling of the caviar looks wrong in the close-up photos.

Also, check out the seller's other items... isn't this a fake Chanel?

This is a authentic chanel bag, I think its a newer style. I saw one in person a few weeks bag. It looks great from afar and I love that it has an adjustable shoulder strap but at the same time it kinda cheapens the bag because of the doubled up folded straps look.