anyone know the price on this caviar tote?

  1. don't know anything but just wanted to say it's gorgeous!!
  2. $1095 before tax when I got mine few weeks back
  3. Wow, it's gorgeous !
  4. do you happen to have the numbers on the tag? maybe if u can take a pic of the tag for me?LOL
    I just dont want to end up ordering a wrong bag from customer service and/or buying that eBay bag and figuring out i paid over retail, since that seller sells almost everything over retail.
  5. i prefer it in pink..
  6. her stuff looks authentic to me :smile:
  7. Hmm, well! I could be wrong!
  8. This is a authentic chanel bag, I think its a newer style. I saw one in person a few weeks bag. It looks great from afar and I love that it has an adjustable shoulder strap but at the same time it kinda cheapens the bag because of the doubled up folded straps look.
  9. :sigh
    I tried this bag on and LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I have the larger version of this bag and it was $1695.


  11. Your large tote is gorgeous! The small one is also very nice, but just a little bit small for me.
  12. so does anyone know the exact price of the bag lol
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