Anyone know the price of this new fall-line Calfskin bag?

  1. Thanks!:shame:
  2. It's the Grained Calfskin Flap Bag for $1850.
  3. I just got mine today I had it shipped overnight from Vicki @ the chanel boutique in waikiki. it's 1650. plus tax depending on what state it is. I paid 127.87 for CA tax 7.75%.
  4. ^weird, the Chanel catalog is different price-wise{?}
  5. OOOH! I love that bag... I'm gonna have to call my SA and see if she can get that for me, absolutely gorgeous! :P
  6. sHOW ME the pictures if you ladies have it :smile:

    Yes its gooorgeous...

    I think I'm going to pick up the Metallic tote next week also :smile: yah!
  7. really? i paid 1650 plus tax, the style number is A32612. I hope there isn't a bigger size that I'm not aware about or that is coming out because she told me there's only 1 size in this style.
  8. thanks swanky mama that catalogue is great! I called the boutique and asked for that style number and she looked it up and said the mainland did not pick up the 1850. bag. she said the difference in price is probably the size by and inch or so but the one available in the mainland is 1650. A32612.
  9. I've seen the large and small version in Saks when I bought the larger one in the dark red. The larger one is significantly bigger than the smaller one - it was like one was too big and the other too small (for me that is)... the one in the pic is def. 1850
  10. yes it happened to me I ordered it thinking it was the one online and they sent me the smaller 1650, from what I understand all US chanel boutiques didn't pick up the larger one. The small is nice but I only use it for going out. Here is the picture
  11. There are two different sizes. My SA in Paris gave me this information: style number A32612Y04154 . The Y is important for locating the correct bag, so I am told. 1250 Euro, about 1650 at our current exchange rate. She told me that it would come on turquoise, dark gold, burg,(dark red), dark brown, and black /17x37x18 cm. I was given another number A32452Y04154, is the larger size . I do not have the cm on this one nor do I know if it will come on any color other than black. I will try and get more information and will post.