Anyone know the price of the Cruise '07 Python Thong Sandals w/silver stud logo?

  1. I don't know how to copy the pic from since it is Adobe Flash Player lol. They are shown in red on their site and are a flat thong sandal with a cc logo on top in silver studs.

    Anyone know the price of these and if they came in any other colors- and if they are still available? Just curious as I am looking for a cute summer sandal.

    Thanks in advance ladies!:yes:
  2. these- does anyone know?
  3. I believe they were about $375 plus tax. They also came in black.
  4. Thanks! That is pretty reasonable for python. I was hoping they came in black. I wonder if I could still find them.
  5. Oh geez! I just called Chanel and they said they are $660! I am gonna pass on those but they sure are cute.