anyone know the price of givenchy obsedia mini bag in US?

  1. i've been looking for it for awhile, i know has one with silver chain on sale, but what i prefer is the leather strip one. just wondering what the price is in the states and where i can find one? thx:p
  2. I think this bag is very well made, even though it's compact, which may be why the price is on par with a much larger Givenchy bag. The fact that it's smaller than the antigona or the nightingale makes it more special to me b/c there's more attention paid to this bag, especially the obsedia closure and the stitching. FYI, I love the obsedia closure!

    I like it much better than the Celines or any other messenger styled designer bags around. It's truly in a luxe category all on its own.
  3. I think this is the new season one.
    I am eyeing on this color combination too!
  4. Me too!!! Hope the bag goes on sale for you ladies who want it :biggrin:
  5. i saw this in black at Barney's for about $1700
  6. This bag is on sale on ssense... but sold out!!! :crybaby:
    I cannot believe, just one day i didn't check the site, and it is gone now....
  7. ^ ikr! I just remembered to check minutes ago! :pout:

    Hope op scored! :biggrin:
  8. Now I hope I can find another color or combination that I would like!!!
  9. Does anyone know where I might be able to find the following version of this bag for sale, in the same color combination, (black with silver hardware and a chain strap)?

    I was hoping to pick one of these up for my wife, but they are sold out now and they said they can't special order it. I am having a devil of a time tracking one down, and am hoping one of you ladies who are better versed in this than I might be able to help out. Thanks in advance!