Anyone know the price of cotton club

  1. I want a cotton club clutch bag that I saw Jen posted it in another thread. Anyone know the price? I'm very excited about this bag and it is very beautiful!

    Thank you!
  2. i believe it is 1995$
  3. Is the 1995$ for a little clutch bag? OMG!
  4. $1995 was for the tote. The bowler was less...maybe around $1500. I don't have any idea about the clutch bag, but I'm sure it's even less. You could probably call a boutique and ask.
  5. ^^I want that tote. The pics look so yummy.
  6. ^^I want that tote. The pics look so yummy.
  7. I saw the bowler retail for £900+. And the mini reporter retailed for £1400+ :yes:
  8. omg...hehe sorry vicky; i should have clarified! i am going into SF chanel this weekend, so i can ask for you!
  9. How does the clutch look like? Pics anyone, please.
  10. In Germany the little pochette cotton club is 640€.
  11. Thanks a lot!
  12. Oh! thank you
  13. How much is the bowler in US dollars?
  14. It's $1750. I just bought it from NM today. I should have it by the middle of next week, I'll post pics then if no one else has yet.
  15. That's right! The bowler is $1750 and the small pouch is $795. I am on the waiting list for the small pouch, but the SA said she is not sure when it will come in.