Anyone know the outlet price?

  1. Love this wallet-saw it in the boutique in NYC in August(?)-anyway couldn't get it then and was looking at eBay and saw this one:

    eBay: NWT Coach Soho Vintage Leather Wallet Tobacco Scarce! (item 280075758132 end time Feb-03-07 15:01:33 PST)

    I noticed it had a "Coach Factory" tag and I have a credit at Coach. Just wondered if anyone had seen it recently at their outlet and had any idea of the outlet price? MSRP is $188 in the boutique, I believe.

  2. Good luck I have the matching hobo and could never find it at the outlets! I haven't seen anything besides the tote in that leather. I was just at the outlets this week (2 of them) and they didn't have it. Sorry. Try calling a outlet!
  3. Thanks for letting me know! Its frustrating to see it on eBay and know I can't use my credit for something that USED to be at the outlets. I might do some investigating this week for item #s, etc...and make some calls. Hopefully someone will have seen it at some point and post and then you can get one too! :smile:
  4. That is so funny because I was at the outlet two weeks ago in pennsylvania and picked the exact one up and the SA told me it was a current piece. It was marked off 20 percent and then another so it would have been like 80 something. I put it back because I really did not need it but it was adorable and also it look like it was a little faded on the leather part on the buckle but it is that kind of leather.

    Now that is funny because I just looked at the auction and the person lives near the same outlet I was at and it looks like the same wallet.
  5. I bet it did come from the same outlet! Which outlet in PA is it? Isn't there an outlet near Philly? If they don't have it at my outlet this weekend (now that someone's seen it, I'll call tomorrow), maybe if they still have in PA they can do a charge send? I just get so frustrated calling the outlet near me, though. Its an hours drive, which really isn't a big deal, b/c I'll drive 3.5 hours to go shopping in Atlanta, but when I call them (before I make the drive) I always get an SA that knows nothing! I'll ask for something by name and she'll say "Uhhh... I don't think we have that!".:confused1: Nothing like the knowledgable SAs at the boutique. Anyway, I'm rambling....thanks for the tip about the PA outlet!
  6. It was Grove city which is outside of Pittsburgh but a good hour drive for me. The seller lives near the outlet or at least closer than I am. I know at times I call before I go but the best bet is to go on a wed or fri first thing in the morning. FRom what the SA told me when I picked up the wallet was it was a current piece and they usually do not get them in but every once in a while you find them. I really liked the color of the wallet.
  7. Well, its definitely worth a call, especially if they can do a charge send. :yes: Thanks so much! I LOVE the color and the leather too. When I first saw it, I thought the leather was so beautiful! I didn't get it b/c my main bag was black and I had a matching wallet ( what was I thinking :confused1: ), but I've since gotten a brown bag and want a matching wallet. I thought, 'now I can get that leather one', but of course its going to be impossible to find! I'll let you know if I find it!:smile: