Anyone know the original price of the Authentic Chanel Vintage Black Flap Bag?

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  1. Hi :smile: i was just wondering If anyone know the original price for the Chanel vintage Black Flap bag and the yr that came out. This is just a sample picture of the bag that i was wondering. Thanks somuch~
  2. It's from the mid 90's, no idea about retail price back then.
  3. If you post the autheniticity number of the bag here, we can help you with dating an item.

    BTW, make sure you have the photo owner's permission to use their pics before you 'borrow' them. You could get in a heap of trouble for copyright infringement. It's probably best to post a link rather than just taking pics.
  4. ^yes, please just provide a link next time or at the minimum CREDIT YOUR SOURCE.