Anyone know the new price of the baby Cabas?

  1. I went to Nordstrom the day after my birthday (which was on Halloween!), and I had seen a black one that was snatched out from right under me, but my SA told me about a bronze one she could get from another store. I had never seen the bronze one (though it sounds like a pretty color). She wasn't sure if the price would increase on this bag, but if I decided to keep the bronze, it would be rung up at the old price. Just wanted to know the new price if I decide to return the bronze for the black. Also, does anyone have pics of the bronze Cabas?
  2. i dont think the baby cabas will be affected by the price increase and if you want to see the baby cabas in bronze there should be some pics in the reference library:tup:
  3. The baby cabas is still $1995 last time i checked which was 2 days ago.