Anyone know the name?

  1. Went to pick up a pair of Prada flats @ NM & the handbag manager dragg me into Chanel (their SAs, Customer Rep & I rowed before), show me what they received so far for the trunk show. Green Drill, and some other bags, but one bag caught my eye :nuts:~Medium size, Lambskin in CORAL (orange w/strong red undertone), FUSCHIA side pipping,FUSCHIA double strap w/S/H, priece @ 2595. Almost like the Neon bag, except it's not CC lock. Style # 37048. Uber cute, except I'm short on funds and coral don't work with my skin tone :crybab:
  2. The bag you're talking about is from the icons range - cruise 08.
    Is this it?
    The navy blue with turqoise trimming is also very nice.....
  3. I LOVE these bags! They're gorgeous!
  4. I thought these were the new DayGlo bags.

  5. :nuts: whatever they are called, I'm loving it. the black & turquiose sure is yum :drool:
  6. I love the lighter pink... is that the coral color?
  7. I'm not lovin' that contrasting stitching so much....:s
  8. super cute :tup:
  9. I've seen the Orange (Coral?)/Pink bag. If you like piping it's really cute. The Orange in the posted picture doesn't do it justice. It is a beautiful color.

    To give you an idea of the color, the bag with the Chanel label on the bottom, is it called the Icon Flap, comes in the same lovely Orange. - M
  10. The black with blue piping is HOT!