Anyone know the name...?

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  1. ...of this Vernis bag? I'm calling it the Vernis Fanny pack at the moment, but I need to know the official name!


    I'm doing a little underground project that I'm almost done with- just need the official name of this bag and gotta upload the pics too. :p

    Many thanks!
  2. This drives me nuts!! I wish I knew the name!
    Was this the only pic or was there one of that strappy thing in the back?
  3. Someone please slap me... :bagslap:

    It had the name on the tag in one of the auction's pics!!! :push: I think this is a sign that I need to get sleep. But I have so much to finish up before I hit the sack!!!

    The name is: Fulton Tilleul.
  4. I know that but I don't know the spell.
    fulton, foultone, fullton.....

    let me check.
  5. Haha ok :noggin:
    But I'm glad you found out the name!

  6. OK!!!
  7. ^^ Thanks for the help! :heart:
  8. It is a very nice bag, I am in love.
  9. It would be gorgeous in Pomme!!!!
  10. this is a nice bag
  11. It's a fanny pack, a bum bag... :sad: And frankly I think a fanny pack is too much in vernis.
  12. great u found the name
    can't wait to see what u are preparing
    I Didn't like that bag at all hehehe
  13. fanny packs are supposed to be fabulous this season.