Anyone know the name of this MBMJ?

  1. First, I am very sorry to start a new thread if there is somewhere else that this should go. I have searched but still cannot figure out where else to post this. That being said, I just want to find out if anyone knows anything about this bag. I bought it off of ebay so I don't need it authenticated (not too worried about MBMJ being faked) but I just want to know if there is a name for this bag or if anyone even knows when it was produced. Thanks a lot!
    pic from ebay.
    marc jacobs hobo.jpg
  2. Sorry, I don't know much about MBMJ bags, but I do like the color of this one..
  3. Thanks! :girlsigh: I was after a red bag and fell for this one but would really like to know the name! Oh, well! If I love it, it doesn't matter! Maybe I'll give it a name myself! Mary Jane? Yeah, get it? MJ?? OK, rambling here... it's late, I'm tired!
  4. Sure, name it whatever you like! As long as you like it, right? I'm a tad tired myself, just got back from having some drinks with friends.... oh well, good luck, and cheers!:drinkup:
  5. I'll move this to the MJ Forum.