Anyone know the name of this color for W06/07

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  1. I have posted the link below. It is the blue paddy on the right. I do not think it is navy as it seems so bright, and appears to have a black lock. The navy on LVR shows a brass lock. I would love to know the name and if anyone has ever seen it!

    Also, when approximately would the Chloe boutique be getting their winter 06/07 handbags? I thought the fall colors were just coming in, but it looks like winter is right around the corner. I think this color looks so fun.........

  2. I see the link doesn't take you to the exact bag, but it is the paddy at the bottom right hand corner, it is the bright blueberry color! Thanks
  3. I'm not a super fan of the black lock but the blue color is beautiful! :love: I have no idea what it's called though. :sad:
  4. That is so HOT!! :tender:

    You ready to trade your Nutmeg/Muscade in already Triplets?! :greengrin:

    Any more reports on the amazing trio of colors you got?? :smile:

  5. Tonight I am honestly confused! The one bag that must remain the staple is the Prada antic cervo drawstring. It is the priciest, cannot be returned, and must be carried a lot to relieve my guilt about the $ & cents.

    In all truthfulness, I sold the nutmeg in favor of the whiskey. But am now wondering if I am only keeping whiskey because it is so "coveted" and was hard to get, but I actually have not taken it out of the sleeper bag since I got it. Again, out of a need to use the Prada.

    This new color of paddy is a nice combo of the gris vert paddy and the INK b-bag. A fun blue color, but with the paddy style I love.

    I just know myself and the allure and hunt for new colors will always appeal to me. That is one more reason that it is so ridiculous for me to have these 2 paddys, the b-bag and Prada all in one season.

    I have a couple more days to decide on VG and INK per the Barneys policy. Any thoughts? :confused1:
  6. I think no matter what you should get bags that appeal to you because of the color/style and not worry about how coveted they are. It's hard sometimes when we see something rare and we just want to jump on it because it seems so appealing!

    I know for me it's taken me weeks to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I ordered two whiskeys from stores and had them sent back because of the leather, I went through one Ebay sale (which I will probably resell, again because of the leather) for a while I was scared that maybe this color was all hype. But when I got my first look at whiskey Irl, I knew I had to do whatever it took to get this bag! And that's how I think it should be with all purchases – ones that are easy to get and ones that take a little effort. It's more than saying you need to be 100% satisfied... I guess it's like hmwe46 posted in a thread, the “I can't live without that!” feeling.

    How do you feel about the ink and the VG? Did you use either of them already? I think that both of them really compliment your Prada (very different in color and therefore filling the gap!)
  7. I know the feeling Triplets!

    I went from zero to three (no, four) paddies in five months. Once I was open
    to spending the $$$$ for the bag, the next ones were easy. :balloon:

    For me, it's like having french toast for breakfast. The calories are already
    consumed, I might as well have the croque madam for lunch and the
    steak for dinner and start over in the morning. :throwup: But the next day I have
    to work out for TWO hours and feel terribly guilty.

    Audrey has a great point: get and keep the bag YOU LOVE cause YOU LOVE
    it the most, not cause it's the rarest. Bags are only good if you get to use
    them, right?? :heart:

    :back2topic: That new blue bag is the BOMB! I can't wait to see it IRL!
  8. You guys are so great. I get nervous even posting about my confusion because it sounds lke I have some crazy splurge and purge problem...and I don't! I just get so excited when my husband is traveling and spots one of these bags for me. I don't see it IRL, so he goes ahead and buys it. It arrives and it so exciting. And I "think" I am in love, but then time goes by and a new color gets released or the excitement simpley dies down and I start to question things. Way too much money to have spent on a bag to sit in the closet. I think it would be so different if I lived near a store that sold them. I could look at them, compare colors, know that if I said no on one day, I could always go back the next if I changed my mind. I also have no one around that is even familiar with a paddy, so they have no real opinion. If I had a lifestyle where I was out and about a lot I might be able to justify so many awesome bags, but the truth is I stay at home with 4 young kids most of the time. HMWE46, you are so right. I remember spending $121 on my first pair of 7 jeans back in 2001, and was sweating about that amount of money, afterall jeans were only about $40 at the Gap. But once that threshold is passed, it gets almost TOO easy to keep on going. It's like you take a big gulp, and think that wasn't too painful-I shouldn't wait so long to do it again. Case in point 1 Prada, 2 paddys (3 if you include the sold nutmeg) and 1 b-bag since August.
  9. I think there is only one blue Paddy this season. LVR has just updated the photo for their navy bag, and it actually looks close to that IRL. The hardware is not brass but chrome. I should know: I got one from LVR but I am sending it back. It is a very nice colour, but the purple undertones do not match any of my clothes.

    The blue Paddy you linked to does not look like what I got, though, and I would not call that colour navy. It looks like the Balenciaga Cornflower blue from SS06.
  10. Roxane,

    would you agree that the padlock on the paddy listed on the Chloe website looks black? That is what is confusing me between it and the LVR bag. If you have a chance will you post a pic of the navy you received? I am so curious about it. Does it look like an INK Balenciaga? When you mentioned purple undertones it made me think of this. Thanks!!
  11. Triplets, I do agree that the Paddy on the Chloe website looks like cornflower blue with a darkened lock. Is it my monitor, or do the colours on the Chloe website look washed out?

    I *should* have taken pics of that navy I got from LVR, but I was so busy at work that never managed to be at home when there was daylight, and after that, I had it all boxed up again waiting for the FedEx pick-up last week (which never happened!). It will be going back sometime this week. Believe me, I am kicking myself over not having taken pics of it before I wrapped it all up again :sad:

    However, before I decided to send the navy Paddy back, I had Photoshop'ed another Paddy I found on a Japanese website to match the navy. I actually make little photos of all my bags (and shoes) and keep them in an album so I just whip them out when I am coordinating my outfits. Here's quite a close rendition of the actual bag I received.
  12. Thanks Roxane. It still seems like the bag on the Chloe site is more teal in it or something. I will try to investigate more.
  13. I wish there was a Chloe boutique in Union Square SF and I would go check it out,
    -- cause I really need an excuse to go shop :yahoo:
  14. I just e-mailed back and forth with a great SA @ the Chloe boutique and had him look at it on the website. He said it is navy, and that it will not hit the U.S. for awhile, but is available in Europe.
  15. LVR has it in the pocket paddy /w the black lock - they list it as blue nuit. Looks a little darker than the one on the chloe website but we all know how wonderful lvr photos are lol