anyone know the name of this bag?

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  1. [​IMG]

    its soo pretty
  2. Wow!!! I totally agree with you. But I would love it more if it's a leather, not fabric.
  3. heh i hope i find the name of it i saved the pic a while ago and its driving me nuts!
  4. ummmm no, because that is very fake.:yes:
  5. it definitely a fake? darn im stupid
  6. DEFINITELY fake:yes:

    The tag is the first dead giveaway, but the CC's aren't even lined up, they're attached crooked. . . .
    not sure if Chanel ever made anything similar:shrugs:

    Doesn't make anyone stupid {except the thief that stole the copyright CCs}, it's hard for a lot of people to know. most people don't even realize there's such a MASSIVE market of illegal counterfeits.
  7. thanks so much!
  8. Welcome! :cutesy:
  9. Wow!! you're the best, Swanky Mama. Now I know the hanging tag is a no no. As for the crooked CC, I gave it a benifit of doubt because sometimes, pic can be distorted. Kudo to Swanky :smile: If it's a leather tote, I might have gone further helping xd0nnax find the name of it because I love the design, except the Chanel metal bar attached on the middle top.

    xd0nnax, delete it off your wish list now :smile:
  10. Swanky is so right!!! I remember seeing a few of these on eBay last year and reported them as fakes,they kept coming back!
  11. Fake...
  12. Ha! I just saw a girl carrying one of those very obvious fakes last weekend. I saw it and was like 'umm...I dont' think they even make that style lol'....
  13. wah...wah...wah...