Anyone know the name of this bag?

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  1. I love it and bought it at TJMaxx, it had the original Coach sales tag on it, $798.00, I got it for $500. I tried to use the drill down site, but no luck. This is the serial number from the creed:C0793-10972
    any help identifying it would be greatly appreciated!!
    also any ideas on the care of it? should i be conditioning it with something?
  2. Can you post a pic? That would help a lot. :yes:

  3. its the coach abbey vintage leather this pic from is the pic of the bag:-


  4. I got this pic off ebay, I don't know how to take pics and post them here. This is the bag. The seller calls it the ABBEY VINTAGE LEATHER SATCHEL????​

    This is definetley the bag, it scratches really easily, can i do something to protect it?
  6. And BTW,
    you are all always so helpful!!!You folks are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. You can always Applegard the leather as some members have done with their Legacy bags..
  8. Wow! Nice. Ive never seen this one before.
  9. Wow - that is a seriously cool looking bag! I just looked on fleabay and there's also a flap bag in the same style - love them both - you got a real find!
  10. Wow what I find, I'm envious! Enjoy your new bag.