Anyone Know the name of the Flats Hilary Duff is wearing in this pic??

  1. OMG I am in LOVE with them! 1. what is the name? 2. are they still available? & 3. how much are they?

    they are super cute!
    Thanks in advance ladies!

  2. those look like the cambon ballerina flats. super cute...i think bloomies might still have them. i am sure they are a bit more than the regular ballerinas which run USD510 now.
  3. Cambon - I have those in black. They're from 2 summers ago. (Not last summer) They fit ridiculously small, so if you find them, make sure you go up a size or two.
  4. I have them in dark brown here's a pic. I bought one size up as well, but I got mine last season in the sale, This season I've seen them in black with the white CC. Super comfy!
    cambon ballet.JPG
  5. OOO i want black with white CCs.

    now you can only buy them in stores right. i cant get them from Saks or bloomingdales online right. (i know they dont sell chanel online but sometimes theres like shoes or skincare/makeup)
  6. these are so cute. I want a pair.
  7. ^^no, not online.
  8. Bloomies/SCP have them right now in the beige color (store only)
  9. those are cute!
  10. I'm surprised they are still available. I didn't see any, this summer, in the stores around here. Only the stretchy ballerina flats... which are more comfortable anyway.

    Here are my Cambons from 2 summers ago. Mine have a bit of a heel... the ones with the white CCs are totally flat. Also, Hilary Duff's are the really flat ones, I think.
  11. cute flats!
  12. oh my god yours are so cute with that heel!! do you know if i could still get those somewhere? what are they called and how much?:rolleyes:
  13. Is this the beige with the beige patent CCs? Thanks!

    Syma, I love your brown ones! I'm sure they're not available anymore though since you say you bought them a couple years ago...=(
  14. Does anyone know the apprx. retail on these? I'm just curious. Thanks!
  15. I believe they're around $530 or so. I bought a pair of black/white CCs earlier this year.