Anyone know the name of patent knee CL boot?

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  1. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the Louboutin boot that is knee length, has a pointed toe, with a seam up the front, and the super high heel as in the Pigalle 120mm. I recently (like three days ago!) saw a woman wearing the boot, and I was in heaven! She was wearing the patent version, but I am open to any material and any color--I have to have this boot!
  2. Sounds like the Pretty Woman boot.
  3. I might be mistaken, but based on your description it sounds like the "Pretty Woman". I found a pic of the Pretty Woman, but it is black nappa leather. This style came out several years ago. I know there are some listed on eBay.


    Oops, I just noticed lulabee responded with same answer
  4. That's it! Thanks, ladies. I can always count on you!
  5. i have the pretty woman, but it does not have a seam up the front. there is another style similar that has a slightly lower heel, but it does have a seam. do you know the heel height the boot was?
  6. These are the boots I think she is looking for. They are called "Pretty Woman". They are black patent and have a seam running up the front.


    The other recent style that I know of that has the seam in the front is the Alta Ariella, but I dont believe it came in black patent.

    If it doesnt have a seam in the front and is made of a single piece of leather it will be the Bourge or Babel if the zip is in the back or the Ginerva if the zip is on the side.

    Might be just my two cents, but I have one of every style. (Bourge, Babel, Alta Ariella, Ginerva, Pretty Woman, & Alti Botte) Some I have multiple colors.

  7. i could have sworn mine didn't, but i just checked mine again, and they do have a very small seam. it's hard to see mine though, because i have the leather version! the patent makes the seam stand out more, when i compare them now.