anyone know the line my bag comes from?

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  1. heres the pict, does it have an official name? on the tag it just says small leather green.. lol not very descriptive, but to the point right?:flowers:
  2. The other ladies will probably remember more accurately, but from memory, I think it's "Precious Symbols" or something similar... :shame:
  3. thanks Lily!
  4. I know it's from the 2005 Cruise Collection . You probably already knew that though ! It's very cute !
  5. Thanks sophia for the info, i actually did not, i thought it would be from one of the last seasons since it was an outlet find, but didn't know exactly. so many thanks!
  6. aww you coulda ask me! SophiLee is right its from the '05 cruise collection, gen. name is Trousse & Diver, Case bag
  7. So the line is called Trousse and diver
    and the shape is Case?
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