Anyone know the latest Bal NY stock?

  1. Does anyone know the latest Bal NY stock for FIRST and CITY styles? I can never call them during their store hours because I live in CA and I just don't have time during the day at work!!! By the time I am home, it is 9PM PST... And they haven't gotten the chance to reply to my emails for several days now...:sad:

    Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. Well, I do know that they DO NOT have The City in White :crybaby:
  3. I do know that they DONT have the Blueberry Compagon wallet (small) and the Blueberry Makeup case, cause I bought the last ones 2 days ago...waiting for fedex as I type this...yay for me!

  4. YAY for Donna!! :P
  5. Blueberry make up case? That sounds REALLY nice...
  6. Would love to see the blueberry make up case when you get it!
  7. I know they have some really nice black cities. I had a couple of friends go in there on Friday and look for one for me. They said they brought out about 6-8 for them to look through. They picked out a GORGEOUS one for me to get!

    I was able to get a response to my email a few weeks ago and they had most colors available in the city, that was all I asked about. Unfortunately I deleted it after I placed my order...I didn't need anymore temptation.
  8. luvshopping90-You have great self-control!!! Yeah, I hope to hear from them again, soon. Maybe I will wait until the Spring/Summer 07 comes out.