anyone know the heart coin vernis price???

  1. :confused1: curious

  2. I think US$350! :smile:
  3. i heard 350$, too
  4. Yup :yes:
  5. what about pouch??
  6. I think closer to $400 for that one..$390 maybe?
  7. are they all coming out on Feb, 1st?
  8. Yep, those 2 styles (Pomme d'amour Coeur and the Vernis pouch in Framboise, Pomme d'Amour and Perle) come out Feb. 1st.
  9. Looks like everything was already answered. Hehe.
  10. one more question though, do we must put our name on the waitlist to get this purse?
  11. I'd suggest putting your name down for the heart coin purse if you want it. I'm fairly certain the envelope version is going to be permanent.
  12. yep.. SA told me the same.. envelope will permanent..
  13. sadly in New Zealand, they selling for NZD$605 which is USD$420

    i have to pay USD$70 more....

  14. It is also more expensive here too but that the price you have to pay for living on the other side of the world:s
  15. when i know exact price here.. i ll let u know ch3rryb3rry

    price here not much different from Paris..

    Anyone know where i can get Cerises Mules size EU37