Anyone know the difference between....

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  1. the Bleecker Signature Small Flap 12288 and the Bleecker Signature Small Flap 11441??? I got the 12288 in khaki/white at Macy's today for 25% off the $238 sticker. I always come home and check out the internet and ebay to see if what I paid is reasonable. I got confused because all I saw was the 11441, but not in white. Then I looked at the bag again and it is 12288. I found one on ebay that is close to the price I paid. It appears from the # on the creed that mine was made in 2007.
    Also, I can bring up 11441 on the drilldown, but not 12288. There is no 'x' or bullet on the creed and it was purchased from Macy's.
    What's the difference?
    Does anyone have this bag and if so, what do you think?
  2. Forgot to attach pics. The one I got is like the white one, 12288, and the 11441 is the red one from the Coach website.

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  3. were they different release years?

    maybe a dept store exclusive?
  4. ^I think coachfreak is right, style 12288 is probably a department store exclusive. It doesn't appear that the white leather was an option directly from Coach. It doesn't show up in the drilldown and the completed items search on eBay only brings up that style number in white. Otherwise, I think it's the exact same bag.
  5. Thanks. I saw the one on ebay. Unfortunately it went for about $50 less than I paid at Macy's (25% off). But I carried it today and I really like her for a weekend bag, so I'm happy.