Anyone know the difference between Darwin Leather and soft glove Leather - Mulberry


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Feb 2, 2006
Hello and thanks for everyone's advice so far.

I may actually be able to purchase a Mulberry Roxanne from a factory shop where it is much cheaper. I did call up and they have the rose pink (which Im lusting for) and they asked me if I wanted it in Soft Glove or Darwin. Does anyone know what the difference is? Im looking for the lightweight easier to clean, feminine Roxanne rather than something with a bulky leather type.

all your advice would be much appreciated

thanks in advance
Thanks for the concern.

It is a real factory outlet for Mulberry, there are a few in the UK but far away from London where I live. It definitely is genuine, they only have the last seasons stock available at a cheaper price, but still pricey.
I have heard that the Glove leather is less prone to scuffing/marking.

There is a photo of Fayden's Glove leather Phoebe; if you look under here name and then "find all posts by this member", you should find her photo fairly quickly.

If you are concerned about water, marks, etc, then you should probably go with the Glove. From what I have heard it is still very supple and thick.
Thank you so much.

I found her post and that indeed it the type of leather I was hoping it was, the soft glove. Im loving the rose pink version.

I am thrilled :love: I love that bag so much
Hi Bunny. I have the Roxanne in glove leather - very soft and not too heavy. I think the Darwin is the stiffer of the two.

Can't wait to see some pics!