Anyone know the deal with Amarante?

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  1. What accessories will come in this color? Does anyone know?
  2. Not sure but I want a cles :biggrin:
  3. Me too! I can't wait to see it IRL
  4. Cles , French purse , zippy wallet. i think almost if not all of them will check Lv uk pic's arnt up yet but for things like the inclusions there are some pics
  5. I love the bag that is posted in the other thread!!
  6. Do you mean the pochette? I love it too. Just not sure if it is too dressy a bag? I mean, if I am going to spend $$ for a bag, I want to be able to wear it more often.
    What do you think?

    Can't wait to see the color IRL!
  7. Someone in England is getting the inclusion bracelet in this color.
  8. I think the inclusion has been on E-lux. already.

    The bracelet would look great with an amarante bag
  9. I know for sure the agendas...and rumor has it maybe a heart coin purse (my SA said there will be one)
  10. Looks like the most of Vernis line bags & accessories. With the exception Malibu, Minna, Stillwood, Maple Drive, and Lexington.
  11. i really hope there will be one .. but i have asked my SA about it over the weekend and she knows nothing about it :tdown:
  12. ^^^Mine had no idea when it was coming....only that it will be!
  13. If you go to and look through the Vernis items, the Amarante is now listed as a color option on some of them, but when you click it, it just sits there, won't pull anything up:

    Houston, Reade, Roxbury Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Brentwood and Bedford.
  14. In small leather goods, I found these items in Amarante:

    Zippy Wallet
    Koala Wallet
    Porte Tresor International
    French Purse

  15. Yea! I want the koala and maybe a cles... called my SA today to waitlist but she didn't know if these items would be available.