Anyone know the current price of the large Cerf Tote?

  1. Tia!
  2. I think it's 1995.00 per the Chanel in Costa Mesa.
  3. It is $1995 at the boutique near me as well, though the woman told me Tuesday that the price would go up on Nov. 1. I am not sure if that is accurate but that't the bad news she delivered to me ... or maybe she wanted to help me make my decision a little quicker. hehe
  4. Thanks ladies. Yes, I believe the price increase is $150 or so on it.
  5. According to my s/a at Nordstrom, the price of the Cerf is not increasing.
  6. it sure shouldn't!! when did I buy mine...2 months ago?? and it was $1850!
  7. The current price of the Cerf is $1995, including the new Cruise Cerfs with the silver h/w. I really think it is going to hold at this price point for awhile.
  8. The cerf has gone up recently (don't know exactly when) from $1850 to $1995. Pretty sure it will not be increasing in November.

    Roey have you not rec'd your brown cerf yet - and is it gold or silver CC's?
  9. i bought mine today, it was $1850, but on the price tag, it shown $1995. and the SA said the price will defintly increase on Nov 1
  10. No brown Cerf yet; if it arrives to Nordstrom after November 1st with a price increase I am going to cancel and try to find a gently used one. My s/a specifically said the Cerf is not on the list for an increase but it seems different s/a's have different answers to the price increase question.

    The CC's are pale gold on the brown Cerf.
  11. Wow! Lucky you. I paid $1995 Friday. :crybaby:

  12. I was told by a wonderful SA at Chanel that only the classics will be going up in price. The cerf i was told is a classic and will be going up in price.
  13. My SA at Chanel SF told me that it would probably not go up because it already had a recent increase from $1850 to $1995. I doubt that they would raise the price on it again because it is not one of the more widely recognized "classic" Chanel pieces. The main price increase seems to be on the flaps and the GST/PST, and maybe the clutch.
  14. The cerf tote is going up on Nov 1st from $1995 US to a wopping $2295!!! This was told to me from the SA at the Wynn and Bellagio Chanel boutiques in Vegas 2 weeks ago and at South Coast Plaza this past sat from a SA I've been going to for a couple of years. So if you really want it, you have 2 more days before this ridiculous price is put in to effect.